Scope Technologies’® BlueprintScope™ removes the need for expensive software and hiring the drafters trained to use it, putting the control in the hands of contractors and architects.

Denver, CO (February 17, 2016) — BlueprintScope is celebrating two years of success in the world of Construction Blueprint Takeoff Reports. While some Construction Estimating Services are just beginning to provide material takeoff reports using blueprints, Scope Technologies, Inc. has been doing this since early 2014.

“We are the leading experts on exterior takeoff reports from blueprints. No one else can meet the turnaround time, savings, and accuracy of our reports,” says IT Director, Eric Hansen. “BlueprintScope eliminates the need to hire drafters and purchase expensive drafting software. For many contractors, this means saving thousands of dollars on employer-related costs like benefits, office space rental, vacation days, sick days, and many other costly factors.”

“Our clients have grown to love the fast and reliable reports they get from us, particularly the fact that they can submit blueprint files and receive separate material takeoff reports for roofing, siding, and gutters, in the same order.”
-Joey, Blueprint CAD technician at Scope Technologies

Whether you are a trained architect, engineer or a general contractor, “Do it yourself” can become costly, and even the most advanced DIYers need their trustworthy tools. BlueprintScope’s full suite of exterior report services meets that need. Blueprints are difficult to draft, read, and despite technological advances in the last 20 years, little has changed in the creation of blueprint files.

What Scope Technologies provides with BlueprintScope is bridging the gap to allow contractors and builders who don’t have architectural backgrounds to create an estimate from blueprints. It would take a team of people and expensive software to be able to do that on the same scale and volume as BlueprintScope. It removes the clatter and difficulty, while guaranteeing accuracy, quick delivery, and adds a sleek, professional touch.

“BlueprintScope saves me considerable time, but most importantly it is more accurate and professional looking when presenting to clients.”
-Mike Sika, Metal Roofing Systems

About Scope Technologies

Streamlining the measuring and estimating process, Scope Technologies delivers a suite of measurement reports and services for the contractor, architect, engineer, and insurance adjuster. Using aerial imagery and the latest software, we create highly detailed and accurate reports compiling all essential measurements and images into an easy-to-read, environmentally friendly report. Along with its flagship brand, RoofScope®, we offer takeoff reports for Gutters, Siding, Paint, Insulation, and Concrete, as well as providing reports from blueprints.

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