Scope Technologies, the industry-leading provider of remote measurements, announced today that it has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) to manage its data collection system. AWS will store this valuable information in its cloud based computing system, ensuring the safety of customer’s information and lowering Scope Technologies’ pricing for clients. Amazon’s unique service will also protect Scope Technologies’ systems from overload as site traffic grows.

“Every time a consumer enters information into one of the Scope Technologies websites or mobile applications, our systems only have one opportunity to collect that data–otherwise, it’s gone forever, and we’ve lost a valuable opportunity to help a customer,” says Jerod Raisch, CEO and founder of Scope Technologies. “We’re protected against losing that information by using Amazon’s industry-leading services.”

Scope Technologies’ customer base has been increasing rapidly, and the company needed a system that could handle the massive increase in traffic and data-intensive product offerings.

“We’ve seen recent government websites crash from traffic overload and inflexible systems,” says Matt Hannan, Director of Software Development at Scope Technologies. “This is exactly what we don’t want to happen to Scope Technologies. We chose AWS specifically so that the platform will adapt with changes in the amount of site traffic.”

With the vast number of web service options in the market, finding a suitable cloud-based storage system was no thoughtless task, but after thorough research, selecting AWS was easy. Scope Technologies’ technology team studied and reviewed several similar products, conducted discoveries and analyzed their own challenges they wanted to capitalize upon before determining AWS was their top choice.

“Every other company offered a 99.9% Service Level Agreement, but we knew we needed more than that,” says Hannan. “We looked beyond that uptime promise and chose the company that offered more storage than we thought we’d ever need as well as segmentation, scalability, cost control, incredible support, and additional product offerings.”

As an early adaptor of modern technology in the construction field, Scope Technologies will also be utilizing Amazon’s wide array of additional web services.

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