Scope Technologies, the leading provider of remote aerial measurements, is pleased to announce the launch of GutterScope. Using advanced aerial technology, GutterScope provides accurate and affordable gutter measurement reports that save contractors time and money.

“We developed GutterScope with the intention of streamlining business for any contractor who’d need to know accurate measurements of a commercial or residential gutter system,” says CEO of Scope Technologies, Jerod Raisch. “GutterScope saves contractors time and money from driving to and from a site, manually measuring gutters and drafting plans.”

GutterScope not only saves contractors time and money, but this advanced measurement tool also provides exceptionally accurate data, making work even easier for contractors and construction company owners.

“The reliability associated with not knowing the exact cost of a gutter system will no longer hang over the shoulders of the construction company,” says Eric Hansen, Director of Technology at Scope Technologies. “GutterScope reports hold crews, insurance companies, contractors, and subcontractors accountable to the correct linear footage of each component of a gutter system, and more importantly, to the correct price for the system.”

GutterScope reports include color-coded drawings, aerial imagery of the structure and all gutter data needed, including:

-Gutter measurements
-Downspout measurements
-Number of end caps, inner elbows and outer elbows
-Eave soffit measurements

Contractors can almost effortlessly have all the gutter measurement data and sketches collected and created for them. To order GutterScope reports, contractors and homeowners can simply visit, type in the address they want scoped, order their report, then find the report in their inbox.

Discounts for high volume orders are available. For custom pricing, call 877-697-2673 to speak to a Scope Technologies representative.